Printed circuit board (PCB)

    Astra Nova Group Ltd. offers Business to Business quality printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing under the supervision of German engineers.

    Working continuously for well established clients and is therefore able to integrate also bigger orders without effort on short notice.

    Astra Nova Group Ltd. is faster than Chinese manufactures due to short shipping ways and uncomplicated formalities due to the Bulgarian membership of the European Union.

    PCB process

    We manufacture PCB with a variety of surface treatments:

    • Immersion Gold / Silver / Tin
    • Lead Free HASL PCB, meeting RoHS requirement
    • OSP PCB for design boards, prototypes & assembling services

    For Special Process PCB (e.g. High Density / Annular Ring / Heavy Copper / Impedance Control / Rigid Flex / etc.) – please contact us using the form below.

    PCB by layer

    We manufacture various PCB from 2 to 24layers

    Our specialties are:

    • PCB production from prototype to to mass production
    • Small, medium and high-volume PCB orders
    • Up to 48 Multilayer PCB
    • Hole Size 6mil, min.
    • Line width / space 4mi, min
    • PCB thickness from 0.2 to 5.6mm
    • PCB copper thickness from 1 to 8 oz

    PCB Application

    PCB are used in various industries, including:

    • Automotive
    • Communications
    • Medicine
    • Security
    • Computer
    • Industrial Control

    Our product range includes:

    • LED PCB Products
    • Digital PCB Products
    • LCD PCB Products

    Why Astra Nova Group Ltd.?

    • Shortest lead times
    • Most competitive prices possible
    • German engineers supervision
    • Outsourcing within the European Union
    • Fast and cheap transportation

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